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Know our EngRM Thermographic Division

Thermograph Applications with a predictive maintenance tool in the Industry

Energy losses are unacceptable, either in systems of generation and transmission of electric energy or in Generation and Distribution and Use of Steam. The thermograph technique is widely used in the inspection of electrical components and systems can also be used successfully in identifying energy losses in the industry. In this sense, the RM Engineering has equipped ... Learn more ...


Sizing Baghouse

Design and dimensioning with certainty Efficiency

When you need for a baghouse, efficiency is key. A serious design and competent sizing bring their industry peace of mind that the amount invested will ensure air quality in the vicinity of your Company ... Learn more ...

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industrial Radiator, "The Value of Your Steam!"

Efficiency, again our specialty, doesn’t miss the "warmth" of his Industry.

All industry, which works with steam, know how much costs to produce it, its efficient use through radiators sized and properly constructed will save your "energy" and therefore your money. ... Learn more ...

Click on image for a budget of a Radiator